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arts event seattle non profit

Terri Price
event contractor.

Specializing in arts and culture in Seattle, WA

This Is My Story.

I am a dedicated professional specializing in crafting unique, unforgettable, and immersive arts and cultural events. With an unwavering passion for the arts, I bring meticulous attention to detail to every project. By collaborating closely with clients, I transform their visions into vibrant realities, curating truly unforgettable experiences. From captivating exhibitions and vibrant marketplaces to performing arts events, my mission is to celebrate and showcase the diverse arts and cultural scene in Seattle.

What's Unique.

Technical Focus

I specialize in leveraging my technical skills to enhance event management. With expertise in various areas, including website design and build, auction software implementation, project management, CRM database creation, email marketing, and graphic design.

With a keen focus on leveraging technology to enhance the event experience, I create dynamic and engaging solutions that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Attention to Detail

With an exceptional attention to detail, I adopt a hands-on approach throughout the entire planning process. From detailed project management to thoughtful jurying processes and fine-tuning operational details, I leave no stone unturned. This ensures that every element of the event is carefully considered and flawlessly executed.

In-Depth Arts Knowledge

With a deep understanding and genuine appreciation of the arts, I possess a wealth of experience in seamlessly integrating cultural elements into events, resulting in truly immersive and authentic experiences for guests. My expertise lies in crafting meticulously designed events that not only celebrate diversity but also foster a sense of unity by bringing people together through their shared love for the arts.

Current and Past Projects.

Exhibition event run by Terri Price

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

 Edgar Degas

Get in touch.

Arts Event Contractor Seattle | 412-618-7302

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